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The Executive Resume 
A powerful, accomplishment-oriented executive resume which sells ability and value will be one of your greatest advantages in your job search campaign. This is due to the fact that most of your competitors will be using executive resumes which do not do their talent and background justice. This is not to say that your competitors are not proud of their executive resumes. Nearly every single person who prepares his or her own executive resume will have labored over its preparation, and has probably received numerous compliments about how well it is done from family members and friends. Unfortunately, it's just this fact that has led so many talented executives down the road to job search despair.

As you progress with your executive resume writing and job search efforts, just don't forget that job changing success depends . . . 70% on the quality of your executive resume and job hunting skills . . . and only 30% on your actual experience and ability. This means your executive resume must be a concise and polished summary of your abilities and value as they apply to your targeted job objective. To achieve the level of success you desire, your executive resume must consistently receive more favorable readership than your competitor's products.

Executive Resumes That Give You An Edge
Most people understand that a well-constructed executive resume will serve as the cornerstone of their job search process and has a direct correlation on the number of interviews they are granted. Nevertheless, these same people rarely understand what is meant by the term high-impact executive resumes or how they differ from ordinary executive resumes?

There are two primary factors that contribute to the effectiveness of executive resumes: format and content. Both factors are critical to success, but they must be carefully balanced when crafting a high-impact executive resume. Neither factor can be sacrificed in favor of the other if you hope to create an executive resume that will have maximum impact.

The format is simply the way your material is displayed on the page. An effective format allows the reader to quickly scan the document and identify your most important qualifications, particularly the ones that support your targeted position. Content, on the other hand, refers to the actual information presented on the executive resume such as your summary statement, key functional strengths, job responsibilities and accomplishments. A good format enhances readability, while content makes the telephone ring.

A well-organized, performance-based executive resume is sure to produce significant benefits. Conversely, a poorly developed executive resume almost guarantees that you will be disappointed with your results. Writing an effective executive resume can be a complicated and confusing process, and if you don’t measure up, you’re out of the game.

Crafting High-Impact Executive Resumes Since 1991 
You are about to join tens of thousands of other executives who are beginning the daunting task of preparing executive resumes in order to launch their job search campaigns. Obviously, knowing where to find the best jobs is important to your job search, but knowing how to land a job is even more important. In slightly different terms, learning how to find a job can be as important to career success as knowing how to perform a job. 

At the heart of all successful job search campaigns are performance-based executive resumes that have been expertly targeted to coincide with the employers' positional requirements. Because executive resumes are so important to job transition success, most executives clearly recognize the value of professional assistance to optimize their marketability. 

Since our founding in 1991, Executive Resume has helped thousands of senior-level professionals and executives around the world to achieve their career and salary objectives. We are proud of our well-earned reputation and the widespread recognition we have received as one of the foremost authorities on executive resumes, job changing and career advancement. 

Today there is more competition than ever before, and shortly you will be facing an endless number of well-qualified executives all vying for a limited number of opportunities. If you are seeking major financial or responsibility increases, or making a complete career transition, Executive Resume will be a valuable resource in helping you to find the best jobs. While you can't change your past, we can change how you communicate it.

Preparing To Find The "Dream Job" You Really Want
An executive resume is in essence your job-hunting calling card, and potential employers are going to favor a presentation that clearly identifies your skills, abilities and fitness for the position to which you aspire. The executive resume is the most indispensable document in your job-search campaign, and a high-impact executive resume is a prerequisite for finding the best jobs.

For additional tools and resources, please visit our NEW Resource Page