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Client Testimonials About Our Role In Their Job-Search Successes
Former Clients Speak Out About Our Work . . .
Helping Professionals and Executives Achieve Success Since 1991
Here is what a few of our clients have to say about our executive resume writing service and the distinct advantage we were able to give them over their highly-qualified competition.  We are proud to say that all of these testimonials are both unsolicited and genuine, and they help explain why so many of our new clients are referred by their friends, business associates and executive recruiters who are already familiar – and extremely satisfied – with our executive resume writing performance.

“There are a lot of professional executive resume writing services on the Internet, but I cannot see how any of them could match the great job your entire staff did. This is the resume I always wished I could write. Many thanks.”
                          P.R. – Vice President, Sales & Marketing                                          


“I want to thank you for your advice, efforts and support on my behalf during my recent position search.  The letters and resume worked like a charm.  I was recruited to this position as a result of the mailing we did.  Good job!”
                 T.E. – President, Enterprise Software                                                


“This brief note is to thank you and your fellow professionals at Executive Resume for the great job you did on my resume and cover letter.  The competition is intense, but my resume got the attention I hoped it would.  Your marketing and interview tips were excellent and the combination proved to be the best investment I could have made in my career.”
R.B. – Director, Media Development                                                 


“Excellent!  Such a tremendous improvement from my efforts prior to contacting Executive Resume.  Thank you!”
L.R. – Senior Operations Executive                                                 


“So far in this new job journey I have gotten past 2 telephone interviews, and this week am interviewing with the President, COO (2nd interview), General Counsel (2nd interview) and Chief Actuary, in person.  I’m sure the fine resume you wrote has made a significant difference in my getting this far.  Thanks for your help.”
J.M. – Risk Management Executive                                                  


“I want to take this occasion to thank you for your help - the resume opened the door for me.”
R.A. – President, Global Supply Chain                                                 


“Without question your staff was the key factor in helping me to land the job I've been looking for over the last two years. My base salary has jumped by nearly 35% and I am receiving a fantastic bonus and stock option plan. The executive resume you wrote opened doors that I did not think I would be able to enter and I am truly exceeding my career expectations. Thanks for everything and be assured that I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone looking to move ahead.”
B.G. – Executive Vice President, Financial Services                                                 


“You transformed my average resume into a superb tool that does the job a resume is supposed to do, get you the interview.  Concise, powerful and effective.”
M.G. – Senior Sales & Marketing Executive                                                 


“Just received the resume proof.  Excellent, no ... Outstanding job.  You are a true master of your craft.”
T.B. – Chief Marketing Officer                                                 


“Your professional executive resume writing service and subsequent executive resume mailing effort certainly works as advertised. This is the first time in 24 years that I have had to look for a job, and the success of my job search is not something I could have achieved without your guidance and expertise.”
W.C. – Senior Vice President, North American Operations                                                  


“I received a call this morning from the CEO of an international design firm, and she said my resume is the best she’s ever seen, and I am scheduled to interview for their CFO position on Monday!  Your resume truly opened doors and delivered results.  THANK YOU!!”
J.G. – Chief Financial Officer                                                  


“Don is fantastic - he doesn't mince words and has a contagious drive to get results. When Don said my old resume belonged on a gurney (ready for autopsy), I couldn't believe it. But, he was right. My new resume is like night and day compared to the old; it makes an impact, and I'm getting results.”
C.M. – Chief Operations Officer                                                 


“After mailing more than 1,000 resumes and not receiving a single phone call, I finally came to the realization that I needed help and engaged your services. At your recommendation we trashed my resume and your staff created all new written materials before I mailed another 800 pieces. The net result was 3 telephone calls which culminated in an excellent job offer. After the first mailing I felt completely rejected and depressed. Now I have the job I wanted and feel like a new person. How does one adequately say thank you?”
S.S. – Senior Vice President & CFO                                                 


“Your staff is not only knowledgeable, but they served as a great motivating factor for me. Thanks so much.”
B.G. – Vice President, Global Manufacturing Operations                                                   


“Just wanted to give you an update.  Between May and July (unemployed at the time) I applied for about 70 jobs.  I had an offer on June 14th.  I also got a 15% raise from my previous position and much better benefits.  Thank you for the work your company did on my resume and cover letter,  It was definitely worth every penny.”
                     K.K. – Chief Technology Officer




“Bill told me that nearly 40% of all professional and executive level jobs are literally created for the job hunter.  I can tell you this is true because it happened to me, along with a 30% pay increase. Please thank your entire team."                                                                  
                          P.R. – Senior Product & Marketing Executive                                            


“There is no way I could have achieved the type of results I did without your help. Six interviews within two months and the best job I've ever had. Thanks so much.”
        C.B. – Vice President, Business Development


“I know you must’ve done the mailing because I’ve already received 7 requests for more information.  Thank you!!”
        R.T. – Senior Vice President, Life Insurance


“Thank you very much for all of your help!  I will be recommending you to other military personnel I know that are getting out soon.  Your service has been excellent!”
  J.V. – Lt. Colonel, USAF


“After mailing nearly 100 resumes with little success I came to the realization I needed help. After working with Donna, I now have the best resume I've certainly ever used and my phone is ringing like I always thought it should.”
        B.B. – Chief Information Officer


“Thank you for your assistance in helping me to prepare my resume and your coaching advice in terms of how to “attack” the job market.  I landed a great job in less than 4 months, and I know I wouldn’t have been that successful without your help.  Please thank everyone.”
        J.W. – President & Chief Executive Officer


This is an e-mail message sent to one of our former clients by Professional Staffing (an executive recruiting firm) about the quality of his executive resume:  “John, you were right! We have no suggested changes to your resume. It is excellently written.”
        J.C. – Executive Recruiter


“Attached is a recent announcement for my new job. I know that the quality of my resume made a big difference in the process.  I KNOW IT.  It really turned heads, and that's what it's all about. I also will never forget your coaching about pushing myself, keeping a positive attitude, etc. It also made a big difference. Thank you, Coach!”
        C.M. – Senior Healthcare Executive


“After seeing an associate's executive resume and listening to him brag about his results there was no question who I was going to use. And your team has lived up to your reputation since I have already had two interviews with one coming up next week. Also, your Executive Job Search Manual has proven invaluable and is worth its weight in gold.”
        S.M. – Chief Operating Officer


“Your resume actually did what you claimed it would do: get interviews.  I’m just sorry I waited so long because the extra income I could have been earning would have paid for my investment in your service many times over.”
        S.L. – Senior Vice President, Commercial Credit


“Thank you very much for your incredible document of my professional history.  I am most appreciative on how you pushed me to see my accomplishments.  I believe your email address,, fits you well.  You are more than a resume writer, you indeed are an effective coach.”
       J.B. – Vice President, Sales & Marketing


“I almost didn’t use your service, since I thought it was something I could do myself.  But my resume wasn’t working, so I bit the bullet and decided to give you a try.  And am I glad I did.  There is no way I could have even come close to producing the type of resume you did.”
        B.B. – Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


“It was an eye-opening experience completing the Career Profile Analysis, and an exercise that was well worth my time.  Not only did it lead to the best resume I have ever used, but it has made my interviews a more relaxed endeavor.  Without question your service is the best!”
        R.S. – Vice President, Engineering


“You are to be commended on the technical know-how of everyone on your staff.  It was a comfort to know that I had some real heavyweights on my side.  Thanks to your efforts the entire process was faster and easier than I thought it would be.”
        R.S. – Vice President, Human Resources


“Many Thanks.  In my 30 year career I have never seen a better job.  Thank you.”
        L.R. – Sales Executive


This is the first line of an e-mail message received by a former client when he submitted his resume for posting on a major site:  “I have some good news:  This is a strong resume, so you should be happy with it.”
                          D.S. – Executive Resume Analyst






See The Results Our Most Recent Clients Received Here