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Electronic Executive Resume Distribution

Delay is Expensive . . . 
Shorten Your Executive Job Search Time!
If you do not choose to be aggressive in your job search, your decision is likely to become very expensive.  Consider: An unemployed manager who made $150,000 in annual salary is facing a $12,500 loss for each month he or she is out of work, while an executive who earned $500,000 annually will lose more than $41,000 on a monthly basis.  And even if you are employed, delay can cost you many thousands of dollars in lost income from the salary increase which you would presumably receive when changing jobs.  For example, a delay in acquiring a new job with a $25,000 salary increase will cost you $2,000+ per month, while a $100,000 annual salary increase will cost you more than $8,000 each month.

Whether you are employed as a manager in a small regional company, function as a highly paid C-suite executive for a global giant, or are currently on the unemployment roles, we will work with you to identify the exact criteria required to target your mailing.  Regardless of your income level, we can help you to significantly increase your exposure by mailing your executive resume to the appropriate recipients in one, or both, of the following lists:

16,000+ Executive & General Recruiters across the United States (including industry leaders such as DHR International, Korn Ferry, Crist Associates, Egon Zehnder, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Stanton, Russell Reynolds and Boyden World).

4,000+ Venture Capital & Private Equity Contacts across the United States.


Obviously, a crucial element in job search success is your ability to find the best opportunities, and if you rely solely on the published job market, you may be looking for a long time.  For mere pennies per contact, we will put your executive resume in the hands of potentially thousands of Executive & General Recruiters, or Venture Capital & Private Equity Contacts, actively looking for talented and successful people to fill current job vacancies in companies of all sizes and within nearly every industry.

Make Sure Your Executive Resume . . .
Gets the Level of Attention That You Require and Deserve!
On average, more than 90% of all managerial and executive-level positions are never advertised.  And in those cases when an ad does appear in a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal, it can easily attract in excess of a thousand responses.  People who are serious about their job search understand the importance of a comprehensive marketing approach, and the need to conduct a targeted Electronic Executive Resume Distribution campaign to help tap the unpublicized job market.

In today's highly volatile job market there are nearly 4,000 executive resumes mailed for each job secured.  An effective job search is basically a numbers game, so you must be prepared to deal in large numbers if you hope to have a good chance of winning the game.  To this end, Executive Resume can help you gain much of the exposure required and put your job search into high gear.

Uncover the Best Opportunities . . .
While Saving Precious Time, Money and Effort!
Since timing and luck play such major roles in the success of a targeted mailing, there is never a guarantee as to the response you will receive.  Nevertheless, in most cases we are able to produce a response rate that is five or six times higher than you could achieve through your own efforts, particularly if you are using a high-impact executive resume crafted by one of our certified writers.  Not only does this reduce the amount of time it takes you to find a position, but it also significantly increases your chances of getting both multiple and more substantial offers.  The better the executive resume, the better the job leads you will uncover.

Features and Benefits . . .
of Using Executive Resume for Your Targeted Mailing

Fixed Price Mailings - Our pricing schedule is based on a single flat fee for your entire mailing, rather than an escalating price schedule based on the total number of names actually contained on your list.
Multiple Mailing Criteria - We will target the mailing to your specific criteria, including industries, position titles, salary requirements and geographic locations. Unlike most other resume mailing services, however, you are not limited to 3 industries and 3 position titles. Rather, you may pick up to 10 industries and 10 position titles at no additional cost.
Free Cover Letter - We will include a personalized cover letter for either Executive & General Recruiters, or Venture Capital & Private Equity Contacts, at no additional cost.
Use Your Personal E-Mail Address - Your mailing will be sent to each recipient using your own e-mail address to increase a sense of your personal involvement in the project.
De-Select Specific Contacts - If there are potential recipients who should not receive your executive resume due to an existing relationship, we will remove their names prior to the mailing.
Free Copy of Your Mailing List - Upon completion of your mailing, we will supply you with a list (in Excel format) of the Executive & General Recruiters who have received your executive resume at no additional cost. (Not available for mailings to Venture Capital & Private Equity Contacts.)


A Modest Investment . . .
is All it Takes to Get Your Job Search Rolling!

All of the Executive & General Recruiters matching your specific criteria - $385

More than 4,000 Venture Capital & Private Equity Contacts - $465

Unfortunately, many talented and capable executives currently circulating their executive resumes lack a true sense of their market worth.  As a result, their credentials clearly fail to communicate the benefits and value they actually bring to a future employer.  Job search is pure marketing, and your executive resume must stand out amidst a very talented crowd of 'invisible competitors' if you expect to be selected for a job interview.

Executive Resume . . .
Choose Comprehensive Knowledge and Experience!
With nearly 20 years experience and a keen familiarity with the dynamics of the marketplace, Executive Resume is uniquely qualified to help you uncover potential opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden.  To proceed, simply call us toll free and speak with one of our Senior Career Advisors to select the most appropriate criteria for your Electronic Executive Resume Distribution campaign.

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