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High-Impact Executive Resumes & Cover Letters For $100,000 To $1+ Million Jobs 


On average, your executive resume has about 30 seconds to catch a reader’s attention by showing the achievements that have defined your career, the actions you took to make those things occur, and the core skills that have allowed you to be successful. To create a truly effective sales tool, however, your focus must always be on those aspects of your career that are most relevant for your current job objective (targeting), and it must be written as a sell-versus-tell document (image development). And if done well, employers will be much more inclined to view you as someone who is not only capable of assuming new challenges, but as a job candidate who is likely to produce notable results.

Job hunting is nothing more than sales and marketing, with you being the product, your executive resume and cover letters functioning as your collateral sales materials, and the employers you contact acting as the potential buyers. But since your competition in the marketplace is likely to be just as qualified as you, it is essential that your executive resume makes you appear to be the most attractive product available. Companies want winners, but ironically job-changing success depends more on superior packaging and marketing skills than on a person’s actual skills and talents.

Many factors will impact on your ability to execute a smooth job-search campaign, but it all begins with a portfolio of high-impact marketing materials. If you do not want to be ignored, your resume simply cannot be two sheets of paper that do little more than provide a history of your work experiences and education. An effective executive resume should clearly target your job objective (which may not be supported by your work history), and above all it must identify those value-added benefits that are relevant for the type of position you seek. Writing effective job-search materials is a sophisticated art, and the better you can do it the more opportunities you are likely to discover.

When you choose Executive Resume to complete your project, you will be working with a team of experienced writers who thoroughly understand the techniques and materials required to succeed in today’s demanding job-hunting environment. By painting the exact type of picture that you want employers to see, we are able to stimulate the interest of hiring authorities to the point where some can actually begin to visualize your value as a potential member of their firm’s management team. Executive job search has become a competitive activity, and if you go it alone your decision may prove to be very costly in terms of the time and effort required to achieve your goal.

The first step in preparing a truly superior, achievement-driven executive resume is for you to identify what you’ve done for your employers and exactly how well you did it (in quantitative terms), together with the key skills that you displayed in order to achieve those results. In other words, your focus must be on performance-related factors that succinctly sell your value and are likely to be of interest to the person who may very well be your next boss. By demonstrating your leadership, vision and the positive impact you have had on your employers’ operating performance and profits, you then have a true response-generating sales tool that has a chance of attracting attention.

To assist you in achieving this goal, and for us to gain a thorough understanding of your most important selling points without the need for a face-to-face meeting, we use an information gathering device called a Career Profile Analysis. TheseProfiles have been refined over years of usage, and contain numerous examples to show you the exact type of information we need to create a document that will properly communicate your strategic message to the marketplace. Based on your position, we will select the Profile that most closely matches your particular needs so you can tell us the exact skills, experiences and accomplishments that best target your current job objective. So while you are the architect of your career, it is our marketing communication skills that will make the final difference in how employers perceive you and the number of interviews that you are granted.

Working from the information you supply to us, one of our Certified Professional Resume Writers will then prepare a potent marketing document, contacting you by telephone to clarify any vague, unclear, incomplete or questionable information. When completed, your executive resume is then reviewed by aSenior Career Advisor to ensure it meets our exacting quality standards and properly conveys your unique brand and career successes. Finally, we e-mail you a copy of the document so that you may evaluate its content, structure, and the strength of its market appeal, and after receiving your approval, we will send you the completed document ready for use in your job-search campaign.

Throughout the entire process your focus must be on matching your skills and successes to the type of position you seek, while our job is to deliver a polished, achievement-oriented executive resume that will make you standout from the crowd. Remember, more often than not executive resumes are used to screen people out, rather than screen them in. But when you appeal to a company’s interests by clearly showing what you have been able to achieve in both your current and previous positions, you are more likely to get their attention and improve your chances of reaching your career goal.

As a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, we are pledged to adhere to the highest professional standards. This is further supported by our own internal quality standards which serve to ensure the effectiveness of each resume we write in order to maximize the number of positive responses you will receive from your efforts.

So in choosing to work with us you may be confident that you are dealing with true experts within the job-search field, and know that your executive resume is guaranteed to get results. That is, if you sufficiently broadcast the executive resume and cover letter that we created, but fail to receive any responses, we will then rewrite your executive resume at no charge if it proves to be an inadequate representation of your credentials based on the information you supplied to us during the initial executive resume and cover letter writing process.

When people talk about cover letters, they are usually referring to the document which is used to transmit their executive resumes to targeted companies in order to get an interview. This is one of the most commonly used cover letters, and if properly written it should help set your candidacy apart from all of the other job hunters submitting their own credentials. There are, of course, a number of other types of employment letters, each having its own purpose as part of your job-search strategy.

For example, a different cover letter is used as a follow-up to your first mailing in order to show continued interest and increase your response rate. Yet another, the executive resume letter, is a cross between the resume and a cover letter, and may be used if you are changing careers or if you have been out of work for an extended period of time. Conversely, the post-interview thank-you letter is used to match your experience and skills with the hiring company’s most pressing needs as discussed during the interview. Still others are used to support networking initiatives, respond to ads and job postings, or reach out to executive recruiters and VC/PE contacts.

Regardless of usage, each type of employment letter has a great deal of impact on how you are perceived. What you say and how well you say it immediately tells the reader something about your communication skills and intellectual capacity. If well constructed and carefully worded, an employment letter can create enough interest to grab the reader’s attention. Conversely, a poorly written letter will significantly reduce, or completely eliminate, your chances to interview for the best jobs. There is no guarantee, of course, that a well-written cover letter will get you an interview, but it will go a long way in determining whether you will be taken seriously as a viable job candidate.

A well-written cover letter is an absolute necessity every time you send out a copy of your executive resume, whether it is part of your initial mailing or a subsequent follow-up mailing. And while the wording of the initial and follow-up cover letters are always different (never send the same cover letter twice to any single individual), both must clearly highlight your ability to contribute notable results and add immediate value to the organization. Needless to say, if you are able to accomplish this objective, you have significantly improved the probability that you will be perceived as a desirable candidate worthy of at least being considered for an exploratory employment interview.

Cover letters for contacting employers: This type of letter is used to transmit your executive resume to prospective employers, and it must always be written with a focus on improving your response rate and increasing the number of interview opportunities presented to you. Similarly, a follow-up cover letter, which is usually mailed to the same group of employers approximately three to four weeks after your initial effort, can add as much as 70% to 80% to the total response rate you received from the first mailing. Obviously, this can mean a considerable increase in the total number of job interviews you are granted. On the other hand, if either one of these two versions is poorly written, you can be assured it will have an unbelievably negative impact on the success of your search effort.

Cover letters for responding to advertisements and job postings:Knowing how to effectively respond to advertisements and job postings is an important element in your job-hunting effort. The key advantage in preparing this type of letter is the fact that you know the exact type of skills and experiences the employer is seeking. But even when known, many people choose to ignore this information and continue to show their usual set of skills and experiences that may be of little interest to the hiring company. By contrast, job hunters know they must focus point-by-point on what might be called the employer’s “wish list” to improve their chances of receiving a call.

Cover letters for contacting executive recruiters: When a recruiter receives your credentials, his or her initial focus is on matching your qualifications as shown on the executive resume with the “candidate specification sheets” that are created by employers prior to publishing their job listings. As such, recruiters tend to put the cover letter aside as it is simply viewed as a transmittal sheet that rarely adds any value to the comparison/selection process. This is due to the fact that most home-spun cover letters are redundant to the resume (i.e., both documents contain much of the same information). So while recruiters expect a cover letter, they rarely give it much attention until they can confirm there is a good fit between your qualifications and one of their client’s needs.

Cover letters for networking: In most cases the networking process is initiated by telephone, but there are times when a targeted cover letter and a one-page (abbreviated) version of your executive resume can help “grease the skids” in preparation for your call. If done properly, your letter will help make the contact feel comfortable enough to provide some insight as to how your accomplishments and qualifications align with your job objective, and most importantly the names of several more contacts that might prove helpful in your search. But if your letter is poorly written, it is unlikely that a contact will even want to speak with you, much less provide any assistance.

Next to your executive resume, one of the most important factors in conducting a successful job-search campaign is writing effective cover letters. If impressive, your cover letter can provide you with a distinct competitive advantage. But if not done well, a cover letter can have disastrous results on your campaign. In fact, a poorly conceived letter can literally cause the reader to discard your executive resume with no further thought given to your candidacy. For this reason, our cover letters are truly unique marketing documents (probably unlike any you have ever seen) that will create a surprisingly favorable impression with each recipient. The cover letter is far too important to be prepared by a job seeker who simply isn’t accustomed to writing this type of marketing document.


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