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In the past it was much easier to put together a usable executive resume and cover letter, contact some recruiters and employers, and land a reasonably decent position. Today, a savvy job hunter thinks in terms of an integrated marketing approach and has at his or her disposal a portfolio of powerful job-search documents that might include several versions of a highly-targeted executive resume, a networking resume, two or more cover letters, a leadership profile and an executive biography.

The job market has changed and a brand new lexicon has emerged in the world of career marketing involving concepts such as value propositions, CARS evaluations, branding, social networking and career-marketing portfolios. It is in this environment that our executive resume writing service has risen to the forefront as one of the nation’s top experts at creating achievement-driven executive resumes and other marketing documents that consistently arouse the interest of potential employers.

At any given time there are always a number of job-seeking executives who will say that it is nearly impossible to find a good position with a decent salary. This belief, of course, is based on the fact that they are consistently rejected as viable job candidates, simply because their executive resumes are filled with “responsible for” statements, rather than, “These are the measurable results that I have achieved.” To be viewed as a serious contender, your executive resume must be a benefits-focused sales brochure that answers every employer’s most basic question: “Why should we consider hiring you?”

Today’s astute job hunter is a branded commodity with an executive resume that communicates a career record of profit-improvement, cost-savings and performance-enhancement achievements, together with their tangible values to the organization. It also sells the job-hunter’s most important core qualifications and leadership skills that are deemed to be essential for successful performance in the targeted job. A truly effective executive resume is a response-generating sales tool that is well-written, distinctive in appearance, and consistently finds its way to the top of the resume pile.

The more your executive resume projects your career as a series of quantified accomplishments, the easier your job search will become. And the more you can focus on the end results that are likely to be desired by your targeted audience, the more successful you will be in conveying your true value. The ability to gain an advantage over your competition is always much easier when you sell your measurable successes, as opposed to using an executive resume that simply indicates what you've done.

In a tight labor market, characterized by high unemployment and a glut of qualified candidates all vying for the same positions, your rate of return is almost certainly going to be significantly lower than you might hope or expect. Just remember, if your executive resume generates the right interview, and if it provides you with the opportunity to move your career forward and achieve your desired monetary gains, you've won the game.



1.) Your Executive Resume Will Lead to More Responses Faster
More than three-quarters of our clients report receiving a higher number of responses than they had anticipated from both executive recruiters and prospective employers, with the first inquiries often beginning within days of dropping their credentials in the mail.

2.) Your Executive Resume Will Lead to Better Salary Offers
Nearly half of our clients, including those overcoming specific concerns such as age or extended periods of unemployment, report having achieved their compensation goals, while close to another third indicate they have actually surpassed their salary expectations.

3.) Your Executive Resume Will Lead to a More Rewarding Position

An overwhelming majority of our clients feel they have landed great opportunities and report that their new positions have either fully met, or are providing them with a much greater sense of responsibility, autonomy and job satisfaction than they had expected.


4.) Your Executive Resume Will Lead to a Smoother Job Transition
A significant number of clients report that they are far better prepared to enter the employment fray after working with our staff, and as such feel much more comfortable and confident at job interviews, resulting in an easier and more relaxed job-search campaign.

When you choose to work with our talented group, you are teaming up with professional executive resume writers who specialize in preparing the type of executive resumes that command respect and interest among potential employers. And if you need further assistance, one of our career-marketing experts can also help you plan and execute a job-search campaign that will enable you to progress in a smoother manner and give you a tremendous competitive advantage throughout your search.

While the expense in terms of time and money of developing the best executive resume is never inconsequential, it is invariably very small in relation to the annual increase in income gained. Job changing requires a lot of hard work and patience, but with a little intelligent preparation and the ability to adapt your approach to an ever-changing job market, you will not have to depend on luck.

Just remember, the mere possession of an outstanding executive resume is no guarantee of success, and in order to make it produce results, it must be used in a skillful way. Today’s most effective job hunters understand that the marketplace has changed, and without adequate preparation the process of securing offers can become a most difficult task. These are the people who seek the best professional help available, and these are the same people who usually get the first interviews.

Executive job-search success is rarely given, it must be taken!
Be a winner with the nation’s premiere executive resume writing service.

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