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We Write Executive Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles and Other Personal Branding Collateral

More importantly, we help you deal with your individual situation and unique circumstances. Whether you have a resume emergency, positioning during M&A, or helping your busy spouse jumpstart the search, we have optimized our business to address your needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Special Situations

If you are like many of our clients, you have come to us initially looking for executive resume writing services. As we engage, we often encounter individual circumstances that require a customized approach. Combination of confidentiality considerations, specific phase and mode of your executive job search, other priorities and tight deadlines result in unique challenges that demand a highly tailored response.

To explore specific solutions, please review them below or navigate the menu of our solutions on the right.


Poor Job Search Results

You have been looking for a while, but something is not right. Perhaps you’ve been selectively applying for job online. Or doing targeted networking. Or have been aggressively pursuing and interviewing. But all this activity has not yielded the results you expected by now. Is it your resume that’s ineffective? Does it even get read by [read more...]


Resume Emergency

You weren’t actively looking for a job and all of the sudden, you got that call. A recruiter spotted you on LinkedIn or somebody referred them to you. Now you are exploring an exciting new career opportunity, but [read more ...]


Busy Executive (or A Spouse Helping A Busy Executive)

You decided to start looking around for new opportunities. But your schedule and level of commitment to current job make it very challenging to even get started. You are struggling to find time to [read more...]


First Time Executive

You are ready to pursue the next step in your career and step up to an executive-level role. Your experience as a manager or a senior manager. You already possess all the necessary ingredients to make your [read more...]


Thriving Under M&A 

You were doing well in your role and then - BAM! A merger or an acquisition has been announced. Now, you are facing uncertainty and, depending on how things unfold, employment at risk. On one hand, [read more...]


Winning That Promotion

You decided to go for an internal promotion and you have been asked for a resume. While your qualifications are well known to some stakeholders, others are not fully aware of your recent [read more...]


From Consulting Or Interim To Permanent Role

After engaging in a number of executive-level consulting and/or of interim roles, you are ready to return to a full-time permanent employment. Executing a conventional search will undermine your ability to make such transition [read more...]


Role-Specific Job Search Challenges

Over the past 24 years, we have helped over 1000 executives in their careers. While we will work with practically any client seeking role titled Director and above, we have been particularly fortunate in being selected as an executive resume writer by executives in the certain job functions. So, you can consider us experts in executive resume writing services for the following job functions [read more...]


Other Special Circumstances?

If none of the above matches your situation, that's probably good news! We can simply assist you with executive resume writing, LinkedIn and other services or one of our popular executive services suites

If on the other hand, you have a very, very special situation - we'd love to learn more about it and explore if we can assist in any way. You can email us with a question or a special request at Or you can simply schedule a confidential complimentary phone consultation at your convenience.


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