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We Offer 3 Different Types of Follow-Up Collateral

Custom Branded Infographic Resume

Augment a classic resume format with a powerful infographic resume! A picture is worth a thousand words! And your key results speak for themselves. The difficulty with a traditional resume is two fold - it is a lot of text and nothing but text (no pictures). Being able to crisply and succinctly communicate the essence of your brand visually instantly differentiates you. And calling out your most significant results as few big, bold numbers has strong impact on the reader. Once you enter the interview cycle, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates with your custom designed infographic resume. We guarantee the hiring manager and other interviewers will all be talking about it. It will be the most effective piece of your marketing collateral to drive your differentiation. Use it at all stages of interview cycle - as a Thank You or a Continued Interest email attachment, visual aid in the interview with your boss, a leave-behind piece...the list goes on and on!

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Continued Interest Letter

The initial screening process to fill a senior-level position can easily take four to six weeks before the hiring company even completes its first round of interviews. During this time a number of qualified candidates will be seen, so it is fairly easy for your star to fade, particularly if you were one of the early interviews. As such, our 1 page Continued Interest Letter can help trigger the hiring executive’s memory as to your qualifications and value-added benefits long after your interview is over. If you do not show an adequate level of interest in a position and company, the process of securing the best job offers can become a much more difficult task.

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Thank You Letter

The mandatory post-interview Thank You Letter is used to match-up your brand, results and value with the hiring company’s most pressing needs and challenges as uncovered during your interview. It may also be used to help overcome any objections raised by the interviewer as to the appropriateness of your background for the position. Either way, we will speak with you on the telephone after your interview to determine the subject matter that should be included in this critical letter. Remember, a poorly written Thank you Letter can be absolutely disastrous to an otherwise successful job interview.

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