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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Executive Resume Writing Service
Whether you are a veteran job hunter familiar with the array of services providedbyatopcareer-marketing firm, or a newcomer interested in developing your first “professionally written” executive resume and cover letter, you are likely to have a number of questions before selecting a company that best meets your particular needs. As such, we have addressed the areas of interest most commonly discussed in terms of who we are, what we offer and how we do it. Simply click on any of the following for the answers to your questions:

What exactly does Executive Resume do and how long have you been in business?
Founded in 1991, Executive Resume offers a broad array of high-caliber personal marketing services for people wishing to make the most of their career and compensation advancement opportunities.  These services range from the composition of the most powerful executive resumes available on the market today, to the formulation and management of entire job-search campaigns for select senior executives.  Our current products and services include:

  • Achievement-focused executive resumes designed to significantly improve response rates
  • Executive resume cover letters, follow-up cover letters, post-interview thank-you letters, etc.
  • LinkedIn Profiles to improve the number of job leads found through social networking
  • Executive resume letters (a cross between the traditional executive resume and a cover letter)
  • Achievement summaries, executive branding statements and other specialized documents
  • Curriculum vitae for academic, scientific and medical professionals
  • Military-to-civilian executive resumes to enhance the transition process
  • Executive biographies to help support a job-seeker’s candidacy for high-level positions
  • Electronic resume distribution to executive recruiters and VC/PE contacts
  • Executive job-search coaching, including interviewing and salary-negotiation strategies
  • Design and implementation of complete job-search campaigns for top-level executives
  • Confidential employment reference checks for both job seekers and employers
  • Executive Job-Search Manual (an indispensable 167-page resource that is packed with real-world advice, scripts and examples so that you know exactly what to say and do throughout your entire job-search process)


Why should I use a professional executive resume writing service?
Most people seriously overestimate their ability to create the type of resumes required to achieve success in today’s demanding job market. They labor over the preparation of their executiveresumes, but still end up creating documents that fail to do justice to their talent and value to employers. Obviously, no one likes to pay for something they feel they can do themselves, but writing a truly effective executive resume has become a very specialized art. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers are experts at presenting a client’s credentials in such a way that employers are inclined to take notice and respond in a positive manner.

Do you specialize in certain industries or functional areas?
We have the talent to ensure you won’t get lost in the competitive shuffle, regardless of your industry or functional area of responsibility. In fact, our career-marketing team brings more than 85 years in cumulative experience to the table, which helps explain why more C-level executives in Fortune 1000 Companies select us to write their executive resumes than our two closest competitors combined. And what’s even more notable is the fact that nearly half of this business is the result of recommendations from previous clients.

What types of clients do you serve?
We provide executive resume writing and other career-marketing services for clients with annual salaries ranging from $150,000 to $1,000,000+ in virtually every industry and field of endeavor. While each client is motivated by his or her own personal agenda, our service is ideal for those individuals seeking more money, greater job security, or a better work environment; for those desiring advancement within their own area of responsibility; for those wishing to pursue an entirely new career path; for those interested in relocating to a different geographic area; for those who are (or know that they soon will be) unemployed; for those transitioning from military to civilian life; and, for those who understand the importance of maintaining “desk drawer” copies of their executive resumes in case unexpected opportunities suddenly become available.

What are the professional credentials of your executive resume writers?
Executive Resume is a member in good standing of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. In addition, each of our writers has completed the challenging testing process and holds the industry’s highest designation of Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). Our career marketing group -- described by many of the leading experts in the career transition field as one of the best teams in the country -- has an unrivaled track record creating executive resumes of commanding distinction and persuasiveness. In choosing a top-notch firm such as Executive Resume, you are assured of having the benefit of experienced and knowledgeable experts within the professional executive resume writing field.

Do you use subcontractors for your executive resume writing projects?
Unlike a number of other resume writing services, we do not “farm out” any of our writing projects to independent contractors who are paid a set fee for each document they write. When you combine the lengthy developmental time that it takes for a writer to fully master the skills and techniques required to create the industry’s most powerful executive resumes, together with the loss of quality control that is surrendered when utilizing an outside resource, we simply do not consider subcontracting as a viable option. With Executive Resume you are always guaranteed that your written materials will be completed “in-house” by one of the nation’s foremost career marketing writers, and that your project will be given the same attention that our clients have been enjoying since our founding in 1991.

How do I know if my existing executive resume needs improvement?
Is your current executive resume a targeted and effective sales document? Does it clearly communicate the value-added benefits you bring to prospective employers? Or, is it rather ordinary, giving you little or no edge against your invisible competition? For the answers to these questions, simply e-mail or fax us a copy of your current executive resume. After reviewing the document, one of our senior advisors will contact you by telephone to critique the effectiveness of your executive resume and answer any questions you may have about our professional executive resume writing service. There is, of course, no cost or obligation on your part; only an interest in getting an objective opinion as to the probable effectiveness of your executive resume in a fiercely competitive employment market. (NOTE: Due to the volume of inquiries received, time prohibits us from evaluating your executive resume by return e-mail.)

What if I have an above average executive resume that just needs to be “kicked-up” a notch?
If you already have a reasonably well-written executive resume, but fully realize that it can still be upgraded to help bolster interest among potential employers, we offer a modestly-priced alternative to our complete executive resume writing process. After reviewing your executive resume, one of our Senior Career Advisors will reserve a block of time (in half-hour increments) and provide specific line-by-line recommendations over the telephone as to the exact changes you should make to improve the document’s impact and enhance your competitive advantage. This service is, of course, limited to those situations where the changes are not so involved and challenging that it requires a complete rewrite by one of our Certified Professional Resume Writers.

How does the complete executive resume writing process work and how long will it take?
In order to thoroughly comprehend your background and competitive situation, we utilize a unique information gathering device which we call our Career Profile Analysis. By using this exclusive tool, we are able to clarify your job objective and develop a thorough understanding of your skills, experience and accomplishments without requiring a personal meeting. Based on the information you supply, a Certified Professional Resume Writer will then compose your executive resume, contacting you by telephone to clarify vague, unclear or incomplete information. In most cases, we will have a proof of your executive resume ready for your inspection and approval within 10 working days after receiving your completed Profile.

How much does the complete executive resume writing process cost?
Click here to review our complete schedule of prices

Why are your prices higher than some other executive resume writing services?
Simply stated, no other similar service can surpass our ability to create high-impact executive resumes and other supporting documents. Sound boastful? To make your own determination, simply compare the resumes shown on our “Resume Samples” page against those found on any other website, and then use your own judgment as to which would work best for you. Since under-marketing yourself can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost compensation over the span of your career, you simply cannot afford to use second-rate marketing materials just to save a few hundred dollars on your resume. If finding the lowest priced executive resume is your primary concern, we are not the firm for you. Our clients retain us because we are recognized as one of the best in the nation at producing results; not because we are the cheapest.

Do you guarantee that your executive resume will get me a new position?
Executive Resume has been standing behind its work since it was founded in 1991, but we never guarantee to find a client a new position. To make this type of commitment would be unrealistic since there are too many variables involved in finding a job that are totally beyond our control. As a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches we are pledged to adhere to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior. In addition, our own rigid internal Standards of Quality are designed to guarantee the effectiveness of each executive resume in order to optimize the client’s job-search success. Nevertheless, if you are aggressively pursing a new position and have failed to receive any responses, we will (a) help you refine your search strategy, and (b) if needed, we will rewrite your executive resume for free.

How do I get started with the complete executive resume writing process?
To begin the complete executive resume writing process, just give us a call and speak with one of our Senior Career Advisors. A 50% deposit is required to begin the project, with the remaining balance due and payable at the time we release the completed executive resume for your review and approval. We accept domestic (USA) Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit and debit cards, as well as bank cashier checks, money orders and bank transfers. Upon receiving your signed authorization to proceed, we will promptly e-mail you the appropriate Career Profile Analysis so that you can complete the first step in achieving your career goal. (NOTE: We also accept regular business and personal checks, although there is a 7-day waiting period upon our receipt to allow for bank clearance time.)

Do I really need to use a cover letter when mailing my executive resume?
A cover letter should always be considered a necessity whether you are writing to employers, networking contacts, executive recruiters, venture capitalists, private equity contacts, or anyone else you have deemed worthy of receiving your credentials. In fact, a failure to include a cover letter with your executive resume virtually guarantees to reduce the response rate you might have otherwise received from the mailing. The impact is so severe that in one recent survey conducted among 500 recruiters, a full 39% said they would automatically discard the executive resume of a potential candidate if no cover letter is used. Good jobs are just not that easy to find and you simply cannot afford to alienate so many recipients when the root cause of the problem is so easily remedied.

Is my privacy and confidentiality assured?
When you work with Executive Resume you are always assured of high quality and total confidentiality. We do not sell our client list, nor do we ever disclose any personal or business information supplied to us by a client during the executive resume writing process without his or her prior written permission.

What if I need more assistance than just writing my executive resume?
Executive Resume offers a full array of career marketing services, so we are in a position to assist you with nearly every aspect of your job-search campaign. For additional information about any of our services, simply speak with one of our Senior Career Advisors for a no-obligation assessment of your current needs.

Why should I do a mailing to executive recruiters or venture capitalist/private equity contacts?
Click here for complete details about our Mailing & Distribution

How will your Executive Job-Search Manual help me find and land a better position?
From finding the best jobs to conducting effective interviews and negotiating the best possible compensation package, you will quickly master the knowledge and skills required to find and land the position you desire. This highly-praised guide is packed with real-world advice, scripts and examples so that you know exactly what to say and do throughout your entire job-search process. As Bruce Billow, President and CEO of the Emmy-winning America’s TV Job Network recently said, “The Executive Job-Search Manual is an indispensable aid that is a virtual clearinghouse of the most useful job-hunting advice I’ve ever read. Excellent!”

Dedicated Team, Exceptional Talent, Proven Results . . . 
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Even in good times, the most satisfying and best paying positions are hard to find. But with business so focused on the bottom line and budgets tighter than ever, few companies will even begin to consider your candidacy unless you can clearly demonstrate your potential value to the organization.

Since no other document is more vital to your livelihood than your executive resume, why not contact us today so we can help give you a distinct advantage throughout your entire job-search campaign. It could be one of the most important career-related telephone calls you will ever make.

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