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Professional Biography Writing That Captures Attention & Interest



Are you interested in writing an executive biography to support your executive resume and other marketing documents in your job-search portfolio? 

Are you interested in writing an executive biography that can be distributed to audiences when you are serving as a guest speaker or master of ceremony? 

Are you interested in writing an executive biography to help support a formal business plan that will be presented to a venture capitalist, investor or banker? 

Are you interested in writing an executive biography to be used as part of your networking initiate when launching a campaign to find a new position?

Are you interested in writing a short executive biography to accompany articles being posted on blogs or other content sites with small author bio boxes?

Are you interested in writing a series of executive biographies that capsulize the skills and positional responsibilities of your firm’s senior operating team?

Have you attempted to write your own executive biography, only to find that you have done little more than put down a number of unconnected thoughts on a piece of paper? Do you get the feeling you are self-promoting to the point that you are coming across as an egotistical braggart? Do you get a sense that you have failed to capture the level of success you wanted to communicate? Have you been told that you lack focus and clarity by people who have already read your biography? In sum, have you discovered that it’s much harder to write a captivating biography than you thought? 

Most home-spun biographies in circulation today are filled with boring and unimaginative words, and are little more than a collection of tedious facts or overly-used clichés. Still others are either too short or too long for the individual’s objective, and they almost always fail to convey a strong value proposition. On the other hand, the best executive biographies create a powerful image by ensuring a targeted brand, by presenting three or four “WOW” type accomplishments, by including an adequate descriptor for each cluster of previously held positions, and by utilizing “grabbers” when identifying key attributes that relate to the individual’s general management and leadership skills.

Next to your executive resume, a biographical sketch is one of the best vehicles available for promoting your unique brand and painting a picture of a respected professional who has consistently produced well above normal expectations regardless of market conditions. This means clearly identifying the exact message you wish to communicate to your targeted audience, and then developing an attention-getting narrative that provides a concise and informative portrayal as to your ability to meet new challenges and deliver impressive results. The trick, of course, is to create a high-impact sales document without the reader ever becoming consciously aware of your sales effort.


While the general purpose of an executive biography is to communicate the most important highlights of your career, there is another element that has considerable value even though it has absolutely nothing to do with your work history or most notable successes. Since your goal is to create a high-impact sales brochure, a brief overview of some interesting facts about your education, family, hobbies, charitable activities, and civic awards can be very useful in providing readers with a sense that you are a multifaceted individual with an active life outside of your business role.

For example, a statement that indicates you are “a fine wine connoisseur” is very likely to help create a sense of individuality and can make you appear to be a person with a high degree of sophistication and refinement (assuming this is your goal). And while this type of statement might not have a positive impact if you are targeting a school board in an effort to obtain a teaching position, it is likely to be well received and help support your candidacy if you are seeking a C-level position with a large bank where you will be interacting with high-wealth clients on a social basis.

The key in writing a response-generating executive biography is to convert a potentially dull narrative of individual talent and accomplishment into a polished and interesting story in just five or six short paragraphs (it’s not usually a question of where to start, it’s knowing when to stop). In other words, you want to present yourself in the most favorable light possible, but not to the point where you appear to be arrogant, aloof or self-centered. Your goal, of course, is to present your information in such a way that people find it interesting how you responded to the opportunities and challenges which have defined your career, and ideally make them want to know more about you. 

As a standalone document, an executive biography is not designed to land you a new position. But when used in tandem with your other career-marketing documents, it can significantly increase your chances of success, provided it is not perceived as nothing more than a rehash of your executive resume. This doesn’t mean that you can have inconsistencies between the two documents (you can’t), but an effective bio can help reinforce your potential candidacy in a way that the executive resume doesn’t allow. This means being able to prepare an informative and polished narrative that is designed to address every employer’s most basic question: “Why should we consider hiring you?” 


You are not likely to achieve your desired results if you do not have the writing skills required to produce a vibrant marketing document. A dull bio that does nothing to gain the interest of people reviewing your story is doomed to failure, which means you are facing an important decision in selecting the best person to create your bio. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that the success of your current job search, and ultimately your career, can be affected by your choice of a writer. So if you require a polished literary work that is guaranteed to garner the attention of readers, call today and retain one of the nation’s most talented executive biography writers to communicate your unique brand and clearly delineate the value you will bring to an organization.

NOTE: It is possible that you may need a short and standard version of your bio for different purposes. Typically, the short version does not exceed 100 words in length and would contain only “need to know” information. Conversely, the standard biography (one full page in length) would not only contain the same “need to know” information as shown on the short bio, but also a number of other “nice to know” facts that would provide a more rounded picture of your talent and experience. But regardless of its length, the message is always consistent: Performance, achievement and value.


Fees for developing an executive biography (including telephone consultation time) are as follows:

  • A short-version executive biography (100 words or less) - $175
  • A standard executive biography (a full single-spaced page) - $450
  • Each additional page for the same person (if required) - $225
  • 10% discount for five or more short or standard biographies

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