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Why Choose Us?

We may not be a right fit for everybody seeking a resume writing service. But, if you seek a position of Director and up, we might be just perfect for you.

How To Decide If We Are A Great Fit For You

There are over 1,000 resume writing firms in US totaling close to 6,000 writers. Many of them are certified  professionals who are very good at resume writing. Some of them even write executive resumes occasionally. So, how do you find the right one for you? First, you might want to seriously consider choosing only among the firms which write executive resumes and, furthermore, a firm specializing in exclusively executive resume writing. You have just narrowed things down considerably. But what do we mean by “executive” anyway?

Let’s talk about you. If your current job title is Director or above, or if you are going for your first Director position, you are an executive by our industry’s definition.

Now, back to selecting an executive resume writing firm. The second key consideration – are you comfortable with somebody who delivers just writing services for executive? Or do you want an option to access a broader set of executive job search services and career management capabilities. Now you are down to about a dozen companies, and many of them are “single practitioner” shops lacking the benefits of scale, technology and/or quality control systems. In case you are wondering about why is technology so critical to executive resume writing, consider the importance of mitigating employers' applicant tracking systems or ATS.

If you’ve made it this far, good news! You clearly recognize the value of working with a small, highly experienced and tech-savvy team of not just executive resume writers, but career marketers. You also want an option of having access to executive career coaching now or in the future.

In considering our team at, you are evaluating one of very few companies who can truly meet your needs.


Why Choose Us

Simply put, we are the ONLY executive career management firm that meets the criteria above AND is backed by an extensive track record of success - 24 years of helping 1000+ executives maximize their career potential.

  • We work EXCLUSIVELY with executives. 100%. Period. End of story. Many of them are very senior executives, including C-level.
  • We are THE ORIGINAL executive resume writing service helping clients since 1991, as evidenced by our domain name which we've proudly owned ever since the early Internet days!
  • In addition to executive resume writing, we help our clients throughout their entire career lifecycle. You can explore our ATOPS career management framework and how you might use it here.
  • We are NOT a single practitioner/one writer shop. Our clients benefit greatly from our small, diverse, and focused team of marketers, writers and career coaches whose mission is to help you evolve or propel you career.

But that’s just the beginning. Here are the top 3 qualities that make us REALLY special:

  • Designed For Strictest Confidentiality. We leverage latest software tools and proprietary systems to assure your confidentiality. And, we make it much easier for you to interact with us privately in a variety of settings, both during AND after normal business hours – so you are running a much lower risk of accidentally revealing your career search intentions.
  • Proprietary Know-How and Systems. We have a documented proprietary methodology and systems to help you succeed in any and all phases of your job search and career progression. Some of these systems have been designed to overcome ATS and other barriers that you might not be aware of when you submit your executive resume for a job. We even help some of our clients once they land their executive role by coaching them through successful on-boarding and early wins in first 100 days in their new role.
  • Been There, Done That. We really know what it’s like at an executive level, because we are owned and operated by senior executives. For example, one of them is VP/GM with 30 years of product development and marketing experience in large, medium and small company environments. His hands-on successes (along with a few pivots!) include realignment, turnaround and startup situations ranging from building a $30MM business unit to managing $1B solutions portfolio. And, he is personally involved in working with each and every one of our clients. Want to speak to him personally? You can schedule a call right now, right here.

Bottom Line - We Are Your Partner

If you seeking an executive position, your targeted salary is over $150,000, and you are willing and able to invest time and $$$ into maximizing your career potential, you are the type of an individual who will benefit exponentially by partnering with us. We would be thrilled and honored to work with you, so let's get started!

Not Convinced Yet? No Problem!

If you see yourself possibly working with us, or want to get a better feel for how we might work with you, give us a try with our complimentary resume critique or by having your LinkedIn profile graded.

If you want to hear more from our clients why they love us, please read on. Here are just some reasons as evidenced by our clients in their own words:

  • Full Alignment On Your Results. As an executive, you live and die by results. So do we! We judge our ultimate success not by designing a good looking resume, but by the results you gain as our client – volume and quality of career inquiries, responses, callbacks, interviews and premium job offers. Using our tools, together we can track your results as you progress in your career search. Depending on how you choose to work with us, even our payout can be ultimately be tied directly to your results via an earnout. Talk about full alignment, right? We challenge you to find any other executive resume writing company that would even fully understand the earnout, let alone to adopt it as a part of their business model.
  • Superior Return On Your Investment. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive service. Our writing services start around $1000 for our ResultsBrand executive resume. Our typical client invests $1700-$2000 for our executive writing package. With our complete services bundles starting at $2500, you gain instant access to our premium services, such as targeted outbound marketing campaigns, and LinkedIn and career coaching.  On average, our clients invest 1% to 2% of their annual short-term compensation (even lower %, when counting longer term comp). Pursuit of an executive role is a serious investment of time and money, but, if you value an accelerated win of a premium executive job offer, the return on your investment will be nothing short of spectacular.
  • Easy-To-Work-With. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that is as easy to work with as we are. From our extended business and support hours designed to accommodate busy executives’ schedules, to our systems streamlined to start our engagement quickly – we are optimized to meet executives’ expectations. With us, you won’t need to sneak around a fax machine during office hours! Want to put us to a quick test right now? Call us at 888-564-4448, schedule a confidential complimentary consultation or even instant chat 24/7 using the widget on the right side of the screen.

Still Researching

Still not convinced that you should reach out to us right away? That's ok, we understand.

You see, as true marketers, we know something about you that very few resume writing firms are even vaguely familiar with! You are at a very particular stage in your journey of researching, evaluating and selecting the right executive resume writing or a career marketing firm. And, because we practice what we preach to our clients (when we market them in their own careers), we recognize that importance of using right strategy at the right time and still finding ways to help you with actionable information and valuable insights.

So, if you are not ready for a complimentary phone consultation with one of Client Success Managers scheduled at your convenience, no problem. We can help you in so many other ways. For example, if you are in the process of evaluating several resume writing firms, download our whitepaper on Selecting Executive Resume Writing Firm. On the other hand, if you are very early in your process and simply trying to educate yourself before initiating your search, feel free browse our blog for useful information.

If you did not find the information you were seeking, please tell us confidentially - we are at your service.