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Services Overview

In addition to writing executive resumes, cover letters and other materials, we offer a complete suite of marketing and coaching services to advance your career and accelerate job search.


Executive Resume

A truly effective executive resume is a response-generating sales tool that is compelling, distinctive in appearance, and consistent in finding its way to the top of the resume stack.

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LinkedIn Profile

Over 30% of executives placed into companies by search firms are identified or contacted via LinkedIn, so your profile must clearly convey your brand and unique value proposition.

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Career Coaching

Our coaching services are pragmatically designed to help you target and accelerate your job seach and gain competitive advantage over the other candidates.

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Cover Letters

Whether networking into a hidden job opportunity or applying online, a cover letter plays a critical role in the job pursuit process. Different types of cover letters are designed to accompany your resume most effectively.

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Follow-Up Collateral

Executive resumes and cover letters get your noticed. But how you differentiate yourself during the folowup as you progress through the employer's screening and multi-step interview process?

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Marketing Campaigns

Once your career search clock starts ticking, any delay in landing your new executive is expensive! You can broaden your reach and exposure and kick your search into a higher gear with our targeted outbound marketing campaigns.

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