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How We Work With You As Our Client

At the heart of our process lies our industry-leading ATOPS framework. It guides you and our team in designing right strategies and tactics to land your next executive role and successfully onboard in first 100 days.

We Start By Crystallizing Your Needs

We quickly engage to achieve full alignment in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Frequently, executives seek us out initially to write an executive resume and LinkedIn profile. As we explore your needs, you will likely identify additional areas of interest, such as coaching you on certain aspects of your search or running a marketing campaign to broaden your reach. Depending on the status and phase of your career search, some of these needs must be addressed immediately while others can be deferred till you are further along.

Step 2. We capture all this as a scope of work in our customized proposal and quote which you can review and approve online. You can also use your credit card to pay the engagement fees only, so we can hit the ground running.

Step 3. Once you've accepted the proposal, we ask you to use our proprietary Career Profile form to kickoff our engagement, so you can convey to us the breadth and depth of your career experiences and business results you've achieved. This will be coupled with a phone call with your assigned writer and/or coach.


We Work Together With You To Apply Our ATOPS Framework

Our 24 years of know-how in helping executives advance their careers has been encapsulated in our proprietary ATOPS career marketing and management framework. This framework has been proven to yield results for our clients. It covers analysis, strategy, planning and execution of the executive job search. It also addresses key aspects of landing a successful job offer as well as rapid and effective on-boarding in the new role.


It consists of the following 5 key elements:

  1. The first element of the ATOPS framework is "Analyze". It focuses on a comprehensive assessment your current situation, history of career accomplishments, current online presence and inventory of your strengths, weaknesses and targeted role. Much of this work is centered around a customized Career Profile form that you fill out and discuss with your writer and/or coach. It also involves reviewing your current resume and LinkedIn profile. If you are curious to explore some elements of how we do this, you can request a complimentary executive resume critique to be performed by one of our certified writers.
  2. The second ATOPS element is "Target". Here you would typically work with your coach to determine the best ways to target your career search. You can explore this and other coaching services we offer here.
  3. "Organize" is ATOPS third element and it is all about planning out the details of your search and preparing the key materials, such as an executive resume, LinkedIn profile and other collateral. If you want to learn more about what makes for an effective LinkedIn profile, we are happy to offer your a complimentary scoring of your profile.
  4. Fourth element is "Pursue". It's all about execution of the search tactics to generate inquiries and converting them into interviews. This includes being highly proactive and strategic in the follow-through required in a typical multiphase interview process with the goal of emerging as a top contender. Whether it's helping your prepare for an interview with some proactive and rehearsal or writing an effective Thank You letter, we can assist with our comprehensive suite of services.
  5. "Win" is the fifth element. Here, we assist our clients in securing a premium job offer. We also assist in accelerated on-boarding into the new role by devising and executing a 100 day plan to lay a strong foundation for executive's longer-term success.


How Our Services Incorporate ATOPS Framework

Depending on your needs, some portions of our framework are more critical to you than others. For example, the right search strategy for you might be to focus on networking your way into Hidden Positions.  This implies a greater need for a high-impact LinkedIn profile and learning how to raise your visibility with LinkedIn activity. Of course, your ability to do the latter might be limited, if you are currently employed and don't want to run the risk of being detected by your current employer.

To see how some of these elements come together to form a complete solution, you can explore our most popular service suites. Or, you can browse our entire services catalog.

If you would like to request a quote based on your specific needs, you can outline your needs here. Or, you'd like to speak with us confidentially on specific of your situation, feel free to call us now at 888-564-4448 (24/7) or schedule a complimentary phone consultation to fit your busy schedule.

Finally, if you are still contemplating writing executive resume on your own, we can assist you as well - get our premium executive resume samples tailored to your job function.

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