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Our Innovative "You Write, We Help" Resume Packages

If you decided to write your executive resume by yourself, our unique, industry-leading services will help you do that better, faster, and with more confidence.

Self-Guided Workbook

If You ...
simply want to use our self-guided materials and samples to craft your executive resume.

  • How-to Guide 
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Worksheets
  • 5 Executive Resume Samples 
  • (Variety of Executive Job Functions)
  • 3 Executive Resume Templates
  • Zero Risk Guarantee*




Writer's Help To Start

If You ...
also want writer's recommendations and input before you get started.

  • How-to Guide 
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Worksheets
  • 10  Executive Resume Samples 
  • (Executive and Senior Executive, Specific Job Functions)
  • 3 Executive Resume Templates
  • Zero Risk Guarantee*
  • 3+ Page Professional Critique Of Your Resume
  • 5 Recommendations By A Certified Writer
  • 15 Min Consultation With Our Writer

Support Start-to-Finish

If You ...
would like professional writers' support to both get started and to finalize your resume.

  • How-to Guide
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Worksheets
  • 10  Executive Resume Samples
  • (Senior Executive, Job Function Specific and Top Executive)
  • 5 Executive Resume Templates
  • Zero Risk Guarantee*
  • 3+ Page Professional Critique Of Your Resume
  • 10 Recommendations By A Certified Writer
  • 30 Min Consultation With Our Writer
  • Your 3 Resume Drafts Reviewed By Our Writer

Would you like to preview the contents of our Self-Guided Workbook?

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Specific Deliverables and Services  

 Self-Guided WorkbookWriter's Help To StartSupport Start-to-Finish
Self-Guided Materials   
How-To Guide
Step-by-step instructions
Samples and Templates   
Number of resume samples 5 10 10
Types of resume samples Variety of Job Functions Job Function-Specific Job Function-Specific
Role seniority in samples Executive Up to Senior Executive Up to Top Executive
Number of resume templates 3 3 5
Certified Writer Support   
Number of initial recommendations - 5 10
Initial phone consultation - 15 min 30 min
Writer's review and comments on up to 3 of your drafts (via email) - -
Guarantee, Refunds and Credits   
*Zero Risk 15 Day Unconditional Guarantee full refund full refund full refund
Credit when upgrading to other  "You Write/We Help" packages full credit within 30 days after purchase full credit within 30 days after purchase full credit within 30 days after purchase
Credit when purchasing our professional writing services full credit within 30 days after purchase full credit within 60 days after purchase full credit within 90 days after purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your workbook and materials different from the resume writing books I can buy elsewhere?

Our self-guided writing materials DIFFER DRAMATICALLY from resume writing books and guides:

  • All our materials are specifically designed for an executive-grade resume writing. You will NOT be messing around with silly questions and instructions aimed for much more junior professionals.
  • Our worksheets are the most advanced because they are job role-specific and example-driven
  • Our resume samples feature very senior executives up to C-level (depending on the package).
  • Our materials have been shaped by writing executive resumes for 1000+ client and encapsulate our proprietary know-how - same as in our full service branding and writing which costs up to 14 times as much as these self-guided packages. 


What would I need your certified resume writer's assistance?

If you are a very strong writer and know the basics or marketing and branding, you will probably be fine on your own, except perhaps for proof-reading. There is nothing more embarrassing and damaging to your resume than a misspelling, grammatical error or some other type of a basic mistake. Having another pair of professional eyes provides a level of quality assurance for you.

If, on the other hand, your writing skills are not that strong or you don't know much about marketing, branding or positioning, having one of our certified professional resume writers will make a HUGE difference in the quality and the effectiveness of your resume.


Tell me more about your writers' qualifications and credentials.

All of our writers are CPRW-certified (Cerified Professional Resume Writer). Many of our team members carry additional advanced certifications. All of our writers have a minimum of 20 years of business experience - either as executives or having worked shoulder-to-shoulder with senior execuives in a variety of large corporate, mid-market and smaller company settings.


How will I get the materials I purchased?

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an email with all materials enclosed as downloadable attachments.


How will I get in touch with my writer?

If your package includes professional writer's assistance, you will be assigned your personal certified writer. As a part of your welcome package, we wil provide you with your writer's contact information and a link to book your initial phone consultation.


Can I get additional assistance from your writer beyond what's included in the package?

Yes, very easily. You can continue working with your writer as long as necessary. Our writer fees are $95 for a 30 min session.


What's the difference in executive resume examples within your different packages?

The difference are 3-fold. First, each package includes a specific number of executive resume samples. Second, the advanced packages include job function-specific samples. Third, the more advanced is the package, the more senior are the titles within the sample executive resumes, up to C-level.


Can I pay with a credit card or PayPal?

Yes. In our secure portal you can pay using any major credit card or through PayPal.


Are there any extra fees?

Nope. You will get all the deliverables and services as described in your specific package.


Do you offer any guarantees or refunds? How do I get my refund?

Yes. Please see "Guarantee, Refunds and Credits" section on this page for full details. To request a refund, just drop us an email at, including your full name and date of purchase. We will process your refund request within 2 business days.


Can I see an outline or a sample of your self-guided materials?

Please email us info@executiveresume with your full name and the specifics of your request.


I have more questions…

We’d love to answer them - please email us at