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Role-Specific Job Searches

We have worked with many clients seeking a role titled Director and above, but we are experts in executive resume writing for certain key roles. We have intimate knowledge of how to brand and market our clients in these roles.

Job Searches for Specific Roles

Over the past 24 years, we have helped over 1000 executives in their careers. While we will work with practically any client seeking a role titled Director and above, we have been fortunate enough to have been selected as an executive resume writer by clients in the certain job functions. We are experts in executive resume writing services for the following roles:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • General Management
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing, Production and Operations

Let us explain what makes us experts in each of these.


Finance And Accounting

We have performed executive resume writing for hundreds of finance and accounting executives. They range from CFO and SVP of Finance in Fortune 500 to VP in insurance brokerage and underwriting to EVP in commercial banking and Director in private financial services. Keeping up with innovations in this industry is always a challenge, but you can see we’ve kept up with it – please examine our finance and accounting executive resume examples here.


Having done our executive resume writing for many senior sales managers, we know what matters. It’s all about numbers! Scale of quotas, number sales people managed, % revenue booked, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth, average deal sizes…the list is endless. As we deliver our resume writing service, we will make sure we pick out the right subset of number to support your personal brand and your targeted role. We also know how to translate these numbers (which are frequently very confidential) into numbers you can use publicly in your LinkedIn profile. Interested in executive resume sample of one these – check it out here.


We love doing executive resume writing for marketing executives, especially since many of our executive resume writers have held marketing roles and actually specialize in writing executive-level marketing resumes. We have provided executive resume services to both product marketing and marketing communications clients. CMOs and our other marketing clients particularly appreciate the efforts we invest in helping them refine their personal brand. You can check out our marketing executive resume samples here.

Information Technology

Our own team’s background is heavy high-tech and IT, including mobile, communications systems and enterprise software. With us, you are practically guaranteed to be working with a coach or an executive resume writer who is well versed in designing an effective CIO resume and/or CTO resume.  If you are interested in seeing our sample executive resume for IT, click here.  

General Management

How would you like to have your executive resume writing done by somebody who has actually held a senior executive role? Many of our team members have either held VP/GM positions or worked shoulder-to-shoulder with C-level executives through a variety of projects. The critical success factor to having an effective CEO, COO or general manager resume is to communicate you’re the breadth and depth of your general management capabilities and at the same time to crystallize your personal brand with some specialization and distinctive expertise. To see what an effective general management resume might look like, see them here.

Product Management

We are always thrilled to deliver our executive resume service to product management executives, since one of our senior team members has over 20 years in product management and has built several product management teams. Being a certified Pragmatic Marketing practitioner, he has personally influenced careers of hundreds of product managers. So, he takes personal interest in any product management executive resume writing.  The fine points of separating product marketing from product management do not escape him either. If you want to see an executive resume example of this type, you can see it here.

Manufacturing, Production and Operations

Over the years, we helped many clients holding VP of Manufacturing, Director of Operations and similar titles in a variety of industries. The key to an effective executive resume written for such roles is to quantify as many aspects of operations and production as possible. Then tie such quantification to the big picture business impact.  Check out how we do that with a sample resume here.

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