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Seeking Your First Executive Role?

You already possess all the necessary ingredients to make your next career move. But as you attempt to move up, be aware - the rules of the game are dramatically different. Everything from your resume to your interview style must be upgraded to win and succeed in that first executive role. 

"First Time Executive" Challenge

You are an experienced manager or a senior manager. You are now ready to take the next step in your career and pursue your first executive-level role. You already possess all the necessary ingredients to make this move. But, as you search for your first role titled Director or above, you need to be acutely aware that the rules of the game at this next level are VERY different. Everything from your resume to your interview style must be enhanced to win that first executive level role. We will coach you every step of the way to not only land your first executive role, but execute well and succeed in your first 100 days on the job.


Our Solution

We are streamlined to assist you under an extremely tight deadline without sacrificing the quality of your new resume. Here are the elements that all come together to get this done for you:

  • ResultsBrand™ Executive Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover
  • Full Career Lifecycle Support
  • New Leader Success

It's a totally different ball game at the executive level - let us guide your through this step-by-step!


ResultsBrand™ Executive Resume

How is an executive resume different from a professional resume? There are many differences in content, structure and presentation. But the single biggest difference, the defining characteristic is a highly compelling personal brand evidenced with a track record of specific quantified business impact and results, such as revenue and profit improvement, cost savings and performance enhancement achievements. It also sells the job seeker's most important core qualifications and leadership skills that are essential for successful performance. A truly effective executive resume is a response-generating sales tool that is well-written, distinctive in appearance, and consistent in finding its way to the top of the resume stack. Our proprietary ATOPS framework has been perfected over the past 24 years to produce such ResultsBrand™ executive resumes for our clients.


LinkedIn Profile Makeover

For executives seeking new positions, having an effective LinkedIn profile is a must, particularly if networking is a significant element of the job search strategy. And, much like the executive resume, your profile must clearly reflect your brand and paint a concise picture of the business impact you bring to an organization based on your key experiences and successes. However, constructing it is not as simple as cut/paste from your resume. Both the tone and the content are different - after all, you frequently cannot reveal publicly the same detailed numbers as you can in a privately-viewed resume.


Full Career Lifecycle Support

Our proprietary ATOPS career management framework helps clients in various stages of career evolution, whether aggressively looking for a new role or simply open to exploring a new career advancing opp when presented to them. We coach our clients throughout all phases of career search, from strategy to interviewing tactics, and even help them succeed in transitioning into their new role as new leaders, making a strong impact in their first 100 days on the job.


New Leader Success

At executive level, it is an executive warfare. Early mistakes can be very costly in setting your career progression back by several years. We will help you succeed using a customized version of a well-known “new leader onboarding” framework. We start by helping you negotiate an offer for a career enhancing move and then jump start a successful start in the first 100 days:

  • Kickstart your transition by embracing "Fuzzy Front End" to take control before you start.
  • Decide how to "Engage The New Culture": Assimilative, Converge/Evolve or Shock.
  • Develop and Execute "Day One" checklist.
  • Drive action with an ongoing "Communication Campaign".
  • Embed a strong "Burning Imperative" by Day 30.
  • Exploit "Key Milestones" to Drive Team Performance by Day 45.
  • Overinvest in "Early Wins" to build team confidence by Day 60.
  • Secure ADEPT people in right roles with right support by Day 70.


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