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Too Busy To Write Your Own Executive Resume? 

You are struggling to carve out enough time to simply identify the right executive resume writer, let alone write a resume yourself. You may even have your spouse doing some research to narrow down potential writers. Our business is optimized to meet your busy schedule!

"Busy Executive" Challenge

You finally decided to start looking around for new opportunities. But your current job obligations, work schedule and travel make it very challenging to get started. You are struggling to carve out enough time to identify the right executive resume writer to assist you with your resume, LinkedIn profile and other materials. You may even have your spouse do some research, calling around and narrowing down potential writers.


Our Solution

We are organized with work schedule and systems to support you on your busy schedule. Here are the elements that all come together to get this done for you:

  • Systems For Busy Executive
  • Discrete Search and Communications Tools
  • Maximize LinkedIn Advantage

Since you are so busy, grant us 60 seconds to outline how we can do this for you!


Systems For Busy Executive

Your intensive work schedule (combined perhaps with heavy business travel) makes it especially difficult to interact with your resume writer and career coach. Timezone differences also matter, particularly if your only available time for a discreet call is very early morning or late evening. With our exclusive 24/7 phone and instant chat coverage, you can reach us at odd hours to start our engagement right away. We will then design an approach to accommodate your schedule and use some proprietary tools for timely, discreet communications and collaboration with both our writing staff and your coach.


Discrete Search and Communications Tools

Put our TipToer search strategies to use when discretion and confidentiality are paramount. These advanced techniques combine highly targeted searches with tuned-up LinkedIn-based networking. Our communications tools (such as an instant chat) - help you communicate with us discreetly, even, if necessary, during the business hours from your office.


Maximize LinkedIn Advantage

Due to your busy schedule and confidentiality requirements, you may not be able to rely on classic networking to propel your search strategy. Besides, over 30% of executives placed into companies by search firms are identified or contacted via a social network (ex. LinkedIn). Our targeted coaching session will quickly get you up to speed on how to use LinkedIn to accelerate your job search. Your coach will cover best practices, including how to use interactive features to not only increase your visibility and drive traffic to your profile but also position yourself as a thought leader and influencer. In addition, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to strategically network, target companies, and find jobs. LinkedIn is now the primary online tool for executive job search; don’t get left behind.

Test drive us without investing much time - simply upload your resume for a complimentary executive resume critique.



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