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About Us

We helped thousands of executives advance their careers since 1991. We can help you too.


Our Mission = Unleash Your Career Potential

For most executives, architecting a career move is a rather lonely venture.

Not anymore, not with us. We are your partner and your cheerleader.

An innovative, battle-hardened and tech-savvy team of marketers, writers, and career coaches passionate about helping our executive clients unleash their full career potential and accelerate successful job transitions.

Think of us as your A-team! A potent blend of trusted strategic advisors, pragmatic hands-on doers and passionate promoters - all rolled into one!

Job Search Is A Confidential and Lonely Endeavor

Advancing as a successful executive is harder than ever. It's simply not enough to be talented, smart, and hardworking. Competition for executive-level roles is fierce. What sets you apart are your personal brand, ability to generate business results and key relationships. But, contemplating a career transition or a discreet search is a highly confidential and all too frequently a lonely venture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change that. We are frequently the first ones to be entrusted by our clients with highly sensitive information on their motivation on starting a new job search or intentions to pursue a career pivot. We are a team of marketers, writers and coaches who thrive on generating job search results for our clients. We are not only trusted strategy advisor but doers. We help each and every one of our clients maximize his or her career potential and accelerate career transition.

A History of Trusted Relashionships, A Track Record Of Results

Over the past 24 years we have helped thousands of clients unleash their career potential at executive, senior executive and top executive levels. And we simply get stoked each time our clients land that executive role!

Fact Sheet

ON THE WEB  Proud owner and operator of domain since 1997
HEADQUARTERS  Chicago, IL with virtual team members nationwide
OWNERSHIP Owned by Sure Fire Careers LLC and operated by former VP-level executives
GEOGRAPHY Primarily USA with select clients in Europe, Middle East and other regions


100% of our clients are executives who are seeking roles titled Director and above with a targeted salary of $150K+ looking to advance their careers
FUNCTIONS SERVED IT, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, General Management, Product Management, Consulting, Manufacturing, Production, Operations
KEY TITLES SERVED CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CEO, CMO, SVP, EVP, VP, Senior Director, Managing Director, Managing Partner
EXPERIENCE Each of our coaching and writing team members has a minimum of 20 years experience, as an executive or working shoulder-to-shoulder with executive
OUR WRITERS CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writers), advanced certifications
OUR COACHES Have advanced coaching certifications with expertise ranging from broad career coaching to tactical asisstance in helping you execute a successful job search 
OUR MARKETERS Experts in service marketing, product marketing and integrated marketing


    Our Promise

    We’ll use all our experience, skills, and know-how to help you succeed in your career transition.



    Our Guiding Principles

    • Serve With Passion - we love helping our clients succeed!
    • Focus On Results - our clients' career results leads to our business results
    • Always Innovate - we constantly seek new ways and technology to better serve our clients


    What We Are Not

    Now that you got to know us a bit, it's also useful to know who we are not.

    • We are NOT simply a resume writing firm. We do write many highly effective resumes every year as a part of our comprehensive career marketing and management mission.
    • We are NOT a single practitioner shop. We are small but steadily growing premiere executive career company with an ambition to become the dominant leader in our industry segment.
    • We are NOT a resume mill, paying junior writers few dollars per resume to crank out decent looking documents which don't stand a chance of getting you noticed and to the top of the candidate list. Our writers are certified. Many of them carry advanced degrees and certifications and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with senior and top executives in corporate settings.
    • We are NOT writers who got into career marketing business. We are hardcore marketers who write really, really well - but with prime objective of branding and selling YOU.
    • We are NOT a firm that works with executives OCCASIONALLY as a part of client mix. We work ONLY with executives. 100% of time. Period. End of story.
    Our relationship with a new client always starts from the position of extending our trust to them and giving them an opportunity to respond in kind.  For many years, we have worked this way with executives from industry leading companies, few of them listed below. Our business systems and processes are designed from the ground up for maximum privacy. We invite you to experience this by scheduling a confidential phone consultation here.