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Curriculum Vitae Writing for Academic, Scientific and Medical Professionals


A curriculum vitae (also commonly referred to as vitae, vita, CV and CVS) is primarily used by academic, scientific and medical professionals, which include such occupations as college professors, research scientists and physicians. As such, the curriculum vitae should not be confused with the resume which is used by the overwhelming majority of people in their quest to find business-related positions in both profit-making corporations and non-profit organizations. Not only does the appearance of a vita differ from the resume, but there are also significant differences in content. In addition, resumes rarely exceed two pages in length (except for the highest levels of executives in the country’s largest corporations), while the curriculum vitae generally averages three to five pages . . . with some requiring as many as 12 pages.

Needless to say, both types of career marketing documents must clearly identify your objective and present a clear picture of any benchmark results you have achieved and the unique value you will bring to the organization. In other words, while there are significant differences in the content and potential length, both types of documents must deliver a message of suitability and serve as a predictor of future job success. So if you are in need of a curriculum vitae, the material presented on this page is appropriate to your situation. Conversely, if you are a business executive in need of a high-impact, achievement-oriented executive resume, simply click the “Resumes & Cover Letters” link at the top of this page to learn more about our nationally-acclaimed executive resume writing service.

Few games are played for bigger stakes than the one you are about to undertake looking for a new position. Unfortunately, most people seriously overestimate their ability when it comes to writing their own curriculum vitae (cv). However, when you choose to partner with our seasoned professionals, you are teaming up with knowledgeable cv writing experts who thoroughly understand the type and quality of curriculum vitae (cv) you require.

It’s a simple fact that you will generate more interviews and higher salary offers with your curriculum vitae (cv) if it is well organized and packed with relevant information to match and support your job objective. Unfortunately, many individuals think they know how to prepare a comprehensive vita, so they fail to seek professional assistance.

If you're an academic, scientific or medical professional beginning the job search process, invest in yourself and realize your full career and earnings potential with a topnotch curriculum vitae (cv) prepared by Executive Resume. Our cv writing professionals have given thousands of clients an unrivaled advantage throughout their entire job search process, and we’ll write a curriculum vitae (cv) that will do the same for you.


Your curriculum vitae (cv) cover letter has a great deal of impact on how you are perceived. What you say and how you say it immediately tell the reader something about your communication skills, as well as your intellectual capacity. If well constructed and carefully worded, a curriculum vitae (cv) cover letter can attract attention, raise curiosity, and create enough interest to grab the reader's attention. Conversely, a poorly written curriculum vitae (cv) cover letter can cause the reader to discard your credentials without seriously considering your curriculum vitae (cv).

Needless to say, it is very unlikely that a well-written curriculum vitae (cv) cover letter will get you a job, but it will go a long way in determining if you will really be taken seriously. Before constructing your curriculum vitae (cv) cover letter, we will speak with you on the telephone to develop a better understanding of what must be emphasized to heighten the interest of the reader and to clearly convey a sense of your suitability and value to the hiring organization.

The first step in preparing a truly superior curriculum vitae (cv) is determining in an organized way exactly what it is that you have to sell. In other words, you must identify all of your educational credentials, internships, residencies, academic, medical or scientific posts, honors, professional affiliations and associations, dissertation titles, publications, presentations, areas of special research and numerous other career-related achievements so that we may properly define your value to prospective employers. To accomplish this goal and thoroughly comprehend your background and competitive situation in preparation for your curriculum vitae (cv) writing project, we utilize a unique and exclusive information gathering device which we call our Career Profile Analysis.

The Profile has been carefully constructed and refined over many years of usage and walks you step-by-step through the process of collecting the exact information required to prepare a comprehensive curriculum vitae (cv). In addition, the Profile contains numerous examples to make it as easy as possible for you to properly answer the questions, without having to depend on an old vita which is likely to be incomplete or improperly structured. This allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of your key credentials and numerous other supporting achievements and activities, without requiring a personal meeting.

Based on the information you supply, we then compose your curriculum vitae (cv), contacting you by telephone to clarify vague, unclear or incomplete information. When completed, your curriculum vitae (cv) is reviewed by the senior career consultant with whom you are working to ensure your vita meets our exacting quality standards and properly conveys your credentials and professional experiences.

We then fax you a copy of your curriculum vitae (cv) so you have the opportunity to evaluate its content, structure and the strength of its market appeal. After making any revisions you feel are appropriate, we then mail your vita . . . hard copy and disk . . . ready for use in your job search. Each curriculum vitae (cv) we prepare is designed to show both your ability and suitability for your targeted position in order to bring you a maximum number of job interviews. Since the quality of information we obtain from you has a direct correlation to the quality of your curriculum vitae (cv), no other similar professional cv writing service can surpass our efforts.

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