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About Executive Resume: Providing Select Job-Changing & Career-Advancement Services



Executive Resume has grown from a small regional business to one of the country’s leading executive resume writing services, providing career-marketing and job-search assistance for professionals, senior managers and executives in virtually every field of endeavor. While the scope and volume of our business has expanded considerably since our first executive resume writing project, we currently offer the following array of services to a national client base seeking to optimize their job-search and financial-growth opportunities:

Achievement-focused executive resumes designed to significantly improve response rates
Executive resume cover letters, follow-up cover letters, post-interview thank-you letters, etc.
LinkedIn Profiles to improve the number of job leads found through social networking
Executive resume letters (a cross between the traditional executive resume and a cover letter)
Achievement summaries, executive branding statements and other specialized documents
Curriculum vitae for academic, scientific and medical professionals
Military-to-civilian executive resumes to enhance the transition process
Executive biographies to help support a job-seeker’s candidacy for high-level positions
Electronic resume distribution to executive recruiters and VC/PE contacts
Executive job-search coaching, including interviewing and salary-negotiation strategies
Design and implementation of complete job-search campaigns for top-level executives
Confidential employment reference checks for both job seekers and employers
Executive Job-Search Manual (an indispensable 167-page resource that is packed with real-world advice, scripts and examples so that you know exactly what to say and do throughout your entire job-search process)

As a member in good standing of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, we are pledged to adhere to their basic principles of maintaining the highest level of performance standards and professional integrity. This is further supported by our own internal standards of quality and commitment to ethical behavior which serve as the basis for the manner in which we approach and complete client projects. And as you might expect, each of our executive resume writing associates hold the coveted Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation, the industry’s highest level of professional achievement and recognition.

Executive Resume has the experience and talent to produce results for our clients in every phase of their job search. Whether you simply want an achievement-oriented executive resume that projects the correct image and information needed to increase the number of responses you receive, or require one-on-one assistance in all matters pertaining to the creation of an entire customized job campaign, we stand ready to help you achieve your goal. When working with our knowledgeable team, you are assured that you have partnered with true executive resume writing and career-transition experts, giving you a tremendous competitive advantage throughout your job-search campaign.


It is a simple fact that job-changing success depends more on well-honed “packaging and marketing” skills than on the job-hunter’s actual skills and experience. This is, of course, the arena in which we excel, and over the years our reputation has grown exponentially based on our ability to consistently produce the type of results-oriented marketing materials that help our clients to win the best jobs. We are proud of the accolades and praise we receive from so many of the nation’s top career-marketing experts, and work hard to support their claim that our executive resume writing service is one of the finest in the country. In fact, here is what a few of the country’s top job-search and career-marketing experts have said about our professional executive resume writing service:

”Raise your chances of getting the big bucks . . . among the very best in the country.”  
Craig Rice, Author, McGraw Hill
“Experts at producing the materials needed to execute an effective job-search campaign.”
Sean Sweeney, CPC, President of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Personnel Consultants
“If you’re looking to develop a superior resume . . . these are the people to call.”
Leslie Hamilton, Author, McGraw Hill
“Quality, excellence, results. I highly recommend Executive Resume for senior-level executives.”          
Richard Barwis, President & Publisher, Healthcare Employment News
“The most accomplished career experts in the land . . . you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you give them a call.”                        
Brandon Toropov, Author, Career Press
“The best of the best in the highly competitive world of executive resume writing.”
Bruce Billow, President & CEO of ABC’s Emmy-winning America’s TV Job Network


Executive Resume was founded in 1991, and since that time has received widespread national publicity for its highly effective executive resume writing and job-changing services. Further, each of the officers of the firm have achieved independent recognition as being among the foremost authorities on the subject of career change and advancement. Our techniques and processes can be adopted and used by any executive, regardless of his/her age, current employment status, field of endeavor, or salary level. Of course, as in any business organization, the quality of its products and the commitment of its staff begins with the individual residing at the top of the corporate ladder.

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People change jobs for an almost endless variety of reasons. Some, for example, are seeking better pay, while still others have a dislike for their office politics or do not feel they are receiving enough recognition for their efforts. Many, of course, lose their jobs due to budget cutbacks or when their positions are eliminated during the integration process following an acquisition. But over the years, regardless of their individual situations, we have helped thousands of professionals, managers and executives in both large and small service and manufacturing companies move up in their primary field of endeavor or out to a completely different field. So regardless of your reason for seeking a new position, we can play a key role in making it easier and faster for you to achieve your job-related goals, whether you are looking for a better challenge, higher pay, or even an entirely new career.

Executive Resume has been assisting job hunters from a wide array of companies, organizations and agencies with their executive resume writing and job-search efforts for more than two decades. A partial listing of these firms include:

American Express 
AOL Time Warner 
General Electric 
CNA Insurance 
CVS Caremark 
Union Pacific Railroad 
Procter & Gamble 
Royal Dutch/Shell Group 
Union Carbide Corporation 
Nationwide Trucking 
Fujitsu Computer Products of America 
Morgan Stanley 
Bank of America 
U.S. Healthcare 
Sara Lee 
BASF Corporation 
Hershey Foods 
Jones Apparel 
Georgia Pacific 
Dow Chemical 
American Cyanamid 
Harvard University 
GE Capital Services 
American Airlines 
Eastman Kodak 
Cisco Systems 
Royal Bank of Canada 
Prudential Financial 
Federal Express 
Courtaulds Aerospace 
National Semiconductor 
Morrison Construction 
Ford Motor Company 
Home Depot 
Cardinal Health 
New York Life Insurance
General Mills 
First Data 
Pitney Bowes 
J.C. Penney
Xerox Corporation 
Johnson & Johnson 
Walt Disney 
Outback Steakhouse 
Goldman Sachs Group 
ICF Kaiser Engineers
Millennium Chemicals 
Philips Medical Systems 
Texas Instruments 
Charles Schwab 
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) 
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 
GE Medical Systems 
Ryder Systems 
Seaboard Corporation 
Wells Fargo

. . . and hundreds of other service and manufacturing companies ranging in size from small regional firms to international giants with operations around the globe.

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